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Development on a Budget

I recently developed a website on a volunteer basis for a non-profit organization I'm affiliated with. I wanted to do so in as cost-effective a manner as possible. This details the steps I took to get the site up and running and the associated costs in...

.NET Standard - WHAT?!?

What is .NET Standard? How does it relate to .NET Core and .NET Framework? Also, why should I care?

The Curious Encoding Caper

Fix for an ASP.NET application returning a csv FileResult that was UTF-8 encoded, not displaying French accent symbols properly in Excel.

Blogging on a Budget

About a year ago, I set about to redesign my blog. This is my journey through trying to identify a free option for my blog. I explored Ghost, Azure WebApps and GitHub Pages. The post details the pros and cons I encountered along the way.

a class above binary

Byte-sized C# Programming: Classes

C# topics: What is a class? How do I define a class? How do I instantiate a class?

Byte-sized C# Programming: Methods

C# topics: What is a method? How do I program with methods? What does it mean to pass and return values from a method?

Byte-sized C# Programming: Variables

C# topics: What is a variable? How do I program with variables? What does it mean when I declare and assign values to variables?

Debugging an Angular build with VSCode

How to debug an Angular build in VSCode.

Testing a View with Entity Framework Core and SQLite

An approach to unit testing a view utilizing SQLite and Entity Framework Core.

npm scripts: Getting Started

How to get started with npm scripts.